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Jan 14, 2021
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Didn't know where to post this – it's CP soap, but also M&P – so it landed here, because PICS.

Some time ago we had a party at work where we BBQed a sow. I rescued some of the lard, and “conserved” it by making (rather unsightly) lumps of soap of it (I tried my best, back then). Just lard, NaOH and water – “single origin”, if you want so. Now with that home-office outbreak, me and my colleagues are all gone, and they were a bit skeptical about my first attempt anyway. So I decided to give them another chance, and rebatch it – in a special way:
I mixed six parts of grated soap with 3 parts proplyene glycol, and each 1 part of water, glycerol, xylitol and isomalt (a pretty average M&P recipe, just that the soap is pre-made instead of created during a HP cooking). Let it stand overnight, melt up in water bath. The finished, solidified soap is nearly crystal clear, and its hardness is somewhere between dried out jelly candy and hot-melt glue.

Stars of the party are, however, these mini piglet silicone moulds. All 15 piglets weigh 100 g, so each is about 7 g; that's indeed very little for a soap; but alas, those are chocolate moulds after all… and they're sooo cute! 🥰

The original soap had slight tanning (beginning DOS?) but still smelled fairly neutral. Yet, the lard somehow intensified in its natural smell during M&Pification, and that isn't the most pleasant one for soap, tbh… I'm also amazed that the melt turned dark reddish-brown. Lil' boar piglets?


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Nov 15, 2018
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Very cute! I have a jelly soap M&P base that the grandkids love for making jelly soap. The texture of yours sound similar to that. Maybe you can remelt with some fragrance to cover the piggy smell?

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