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Mar 11, 2008
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This is pics of my very first batch

Such nice swirls, and is that ever a long log. Please show cut pics.

WOW! A lot better swirls than my first batch. That looks great. Dont forget the cut pics. I love to see other peeps soap>

That is Beautiful! My swirls are most def hit or miss. Those are great!
WOW!! Martin I am impressed!! that is a GREAT job on your first try!! congrats and kudos!! I wish I could swirl like that!! to work on it!
I think what helped was it was thin to begin with and I used a chop stick.
Thanks for all the complements.

great idea! chopsticks!!...I was using a rubber spatula so maybe thats why I messed up, but I use sticks and toothpicks when I do cakes and frosting and such...great idea! and great job!!
Absolutely, positively gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!!!!
Wow!! absolutely beautiful! How did you do that? When you poured in your soap to do the swirling with did you pour it going end to end or side to side? It is so pretty, I'm jealous! What flavor?
Jean, this was a very thin trace that I hand stirred for hours and did not think it was going to turn out. I went ahead and pour in mold but kept about 1/3 cup colored it with coco powder and put in a squeeze bottle and went from end to the other then I used a chop stick. I did not sent it since I am still learning, but next time I think some kind of chocolate sent.
Thanks for the review :D

Thank you. It really did turn out nice. I made a chocolate batch day before yesterday, I posted pics. You may have seen them. Anyway, I used Chocoate Covered Cherry F.O. from Nature's Garden and I'm telling you that is good "stuff". I had made candles with it earlier, didn't sell a one, by the way. Don't guess anyone is into chocolate candles. I had some FO left over and used in my soap and my whole kitchen smells like chocolate. I was hoping for swirls like yours and the white icing. I'm going to try it again one of these days, but need to get some titatium dioxide first.

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