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Aug 7, 2008
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I have been searching for pet shampoo recipes. So far the only thing I can find is made with dish soap. Has anyone tried this

I am wondering about different scents that help repel skin parasites without chemicals

depends on the pet, most CP soaps will work for pets, however with cats you cannot use any FO or EO (just unscented) because their livers cannot eliminate it out of their system and it will turn toxic!

as for dogs...i ve heard of people using eucalyptus oil, citronella, and tea tree to name a few...also neem oil works wonders (but would probably need to be a leave on product format since i feel some insect-repelling properties are lost due to denaturization (ie heat makes it break) from the heat of the saponification reaction... :)

soo many things to try...for cats its a little harder, for dogs...much easier :)
I gave a cat a bath once and once is all I care to do. I don't think I will be doing cat shampoo. :)

I have a dog that might find herself used as a guina pig if the oils are safe for them.
I hope it is permissable to post link. Not selling anything, just som,e cute puppy pictures on the website I run for my friends that have a small professional kennel. click Miss Foxy Lady on side menu. This dog knows she is queen of the house. My husband is a stroke victim and this dog is a constant companion.
haha awwwww! shes cute!!! yeaaah ive still got battle scars from giving my kitty a bath( and every time i get some more...)
Thankfully I have never had to give the cat we have now a bath. She is far to fat and lazy to get herslf dirty. She was a stray and took up residence in my garage. My husband had said NO MORE CATS after our last one lived for 22 years. One night when it was 20 below in Jan, guess who went and got her and brought her in. She has been IN for the last 6 years
Make sure to include a warning on the label that the product could be fatal to cats. It is a real big deal just as Ian stated.

You might want to ask your vet about EO's I use peppermint & lavender in mine.

I am told dogs have a dif PH too, I have not looked into it much but I would suggest it if you plan to sell it.
ive been just checking the ingredients on the back of most dog/cat soaps (and smoe of the cat ones even include essential oils!?!?!? what gives???).... see now that confuses me!
I think I will check with our vet (when I actually get around to thinking about it during the day!) because I've been wondering about the whole cat shampoo issue myself.
I have 4 cats and as much as we all LOVE kitty bathing :wink: my one pound rat NEEDS a bath soon. He gets all greasy and stuff, I don't know how. Anyway, my other kitty (she's 17.5 yrs. old and as scrawny as they come) can not even wear a flea collar because the chemicals in them make her literally sick. I'm afraid if I'd ever put one of those back on her now it would kill her for sure. So we have made a collar for her....just a strip of material sewn up with lavender buds in it and tied around her neck. Seems to work, though she doesn't really go outside that much, but it doesn't make her sick. So I'm wondering......maybe a little lavender EO would be ok to add to a cat soap. Like I said, though, I'll be asking the vet before trying it.
I make just plain old vegetable shortening or lard soap to wash our pets. I put a good dose of salt in the veggie shortening to harden the bars, and a bit of sugar dissolved in the lye water to boost lather. Works fine and my mother swears by it for her dogs. It's also dirt cheap to make.
I have heard that lavender EO on cats is a no-no, but lavender buds are OK. Don't know why.
Tabitha and all,
(I am told dogs have a dif PH too, I have not looked into it much but I would suggest it if you plan to sell it.)

I talked to my vet about dogs skin ph. They say the formula should measure about 6.5 to 6.8. My vet also recommended test the dog shampoo I bought from them on my last visit to check the ph. Yep, it's 6.5.

I have a 12 yo Aussie Cattle dog that has a skin problem we have been trying to figure out for the past 5 years. Changed diet, had skin tested, lots of blood work, poor dog and we can't find anything wrong to blame the dandruff condition for.

SO now I am out to make my own formula for her skin to see if I can help with herbs but that ph for dogs is very important or could make matters worse. I thought I'd use vinegar at trace. I do hp soap. I don't think I can mix it with the lye water because that would neutralize the lye solution.

Suggestions anyone?

You can use vinigar in a *body mist* esp for dogs!

Ian, as for the store bought shampoos having EO in them for cats, it is likely there is 1 drop in a 50 gallon vat & they are just using it for label appeal, or maybe it is some very *random* EO that is cat safe. There is no telling. Lebels can be misleading.