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Apr 4, 2016
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I have a bunch of FOs that I want to use to make perfume oil for roller ball application. My daughter loves Nemat fragrances. These fragrances last a long time and smell wonderful. I also want to make a scented, leave-in argan/castor hair oil. This stuff saves the ends of my hair from the harsh chlorine from swimming 3x a week.

Essentially, these two product are the same thing just different carrier oils. I have searched but not found a formula on how to do this safely. Some of the formulas I've found are based IFRA guidelines such as the one on Wholesale Soap Making Supplies, but BrambleBerry does not list IFRA. The FOs are from BrambleBerry. Could I use their fragrance calculator for lotion and make these products? I guess I really don't understand how the % works. Is it % of total volume(carrier oil + FO) or % of carrier oil? Thanks for the help. :)