Peanut Crunch with privileges (pictured/for the illiterate)

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Jan 14, 2021
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Here it is what the swarm intelligence mistook my first July non-challenge submission for:



That's all. No numbers, no ratios, no weird math. Sometimes it's relieving to be just impulsive and not measure things pedantically.

Melt/dissolve the sugar(s) in a few tbsp of water in a pan or pot, add oilseeds, wait until it's about to start smoking, and scape everything onto aluminium foil.

I learned the trick to replace part of the brown sugar by glucose to keep the sugar syrup from crystallising at room temperature, but still get a clear and hard caramel. Others use honey for similar reasons. But then I feel like doing honey injustice by heating it up to its boiling point. The pinch of salt is optional.
Besides the peanuts, I looked through my oilseed stash and decided for sesame, sunflower kernels, and cocoa nibs. I branched off a bit of the sugar, mixed it with the (ground) cardamom and anise and (grated) ginger, and added it at the very end after switching off the heat.

Once fully cooled down, pack it airtight to prevent it pulling moisture from the air.

Any similarity to baked beans is darn tootin' coincidental, and totally not meant to tease @Zing .