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Jul 21, 2008
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England, United Kingdom.
Hello everyone :)

I've recently received my first wholesale order for 91 soaps and the customer is asking me about packaging. The customer has asked that I find a handmade paper to wrap my soaps in, and then put a wrap around label on..

I think wrapping in mulberry tissue paper would be lovely.. something like this...


(borrowed that pic from - hope it works!)

So there's that idea... also, I was thinking something a little thicker - but I have no idea what!!

If anyone has any ideas or knows any suppliers, (I'm in the UK) then please please pass them onto me.

Very much appreciated :) :) thank you


Yes I have - although I'll need about 100 sheets and because they're mostly sold in small quantities the price will be really high for customer. e.g. I've seen some paper I like but it's £1.25 (approx $2.50) for 4 A4 sheets, so I'd need to spend £31.25 (approx $62.50) just for paper.. It's a lot to go on top of the order already, anddd on top of that I'd need labels.

i'm looking for wholesalers at the minute..

I've also thought about using fabric.. fairly lightweight fabric would look nice I think :) what do you think?
I love the idea of the mulberry tissue paper or even a pressed mulberry paper that you can find at the craft stores, but these are VERY expensive. I use parchment paper, (also expensive, but less so, and you can buy it by the box at any office supply store). Then you can add a background color, (in Word, Publisher, or whatever). They actually have different textures. I have a Mulberry soap that I use a textured background with on the parchment paper, and I think it looks great.

Hopefully, a money-saving idea for you!
My girlfriend sometimes wraps my soap with cellophane. She got a roll of it from AC Moore or equivalent. Just cut to size with scissors or a paper cutter... cheap and easy.

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