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Aug 17, 2011
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So Cal - SFV
After a fruitless forum search, I wanted to start a new thread regarding larger scale equipment. I have been semi-thrust into uncharted territory where larger batch sizes are needed to get wholesale orders done. I have already acquired my filling machine but i am looking for the right overhead mixer/stirrer. I have looked at Scilogex primarily as those seem to have the features I know I need and a variety of impellers to choose from - but I do need guidance there as well. I've looked at mixers on Amazon but the reviews are always dodgy at best and claim a lot of undesirable qualities that I just don't want to deal with like motors that stop and horrific vibration and jumping.

Obviously, my knowledge is limited here but i do know that I would like the following:
~a capacity of up to 20-40L but can still run a small test batch.
~low RPM setting for small test batch and ramping up
~minimal vibration
~models with readily available parts and accessories (it's no good if I need another impeller or replacement part and there is no way to locate one)
~Reasonable pricing - While I don't have thousands to spend on a piece of equipment, I'd like to keep the purchase within the $500 realm - the Scilogex is in that range but that's all I know. Less is fine but not crappy cheap where I'd spend twice the price replacing every 6-18 months!

So what brands are reliable and sturdy?
Should I go for a used or refurb model?
Which impeller(s) is/are best - my products are basic emulsions for lotions - lower viscosity when poured into their vessels, and also some lower viscosity gels - again, very fluid when being poured so I don't need anything for super thick formulations.

Helpful advice, tips and tricks from those in the know are always welcome.

Thanks for reading!!