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Jan 7, 2016
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I had this box of little packets, full and hard to keep in order. Some are colorants, herbs I'm going to infuse, exfoliants or milk powder samples...etc. I'm always collecting a sample of or that to experiment with, or my friends saved a packet of this or that for me...

Anyway I lose track of them sometimes and then stumble across later...I was wishing a had a better way to keep them easily accessible.

I ended up making a homemade bulletin board. Took an hour and used material I already had. I didn't want to spend any money.

Took an old canvas, then cut thick card board to fit. Then put foam board on top and covered with cheesecloth to help hide the push pin holes, and put some wall paper trim. Also brushed a watered down later of glue on cheesecloth.

Ta-da! Pinned up all the little packets laying around. Easy to grab. No digging.

I love craft projects almost as much as soap making.

That is an awesome idea! I love any project that makes use of vertical space! If I ever find myself in that situation I am SO gonna steal your idea!
For items that are not in baggies but could be hung, use push pin/binder clips.

I wish I had more shelving! I'm not just into soap making, but candle making, mixed media, crafts, oil painting....the biggest room in my house is my studio and I love it!

I enjoy organizing just as much ...except when I have to go through this stuff. See pic. I've been needing to inventory this mess but have been putting off. These hanging cubbies hold a lot, but I don't think they'll be very useful for soap supplies.



Great job jenny! Now I wish I had more wall space.....:mrgreen:

BF has told me he's planning on making me a designated soaping area in the basement complete with utility sink! I'm so excited! We have block walls so I've already decided I'm going to have to ask for some form of wall space to hang stuff. I don't care if it's pegboard with brackets. I NEED vertical space! Lol
Right now I just have lots and lots of drawers.
Natural colorants
Lip balm
Essential Oils (don't have too many)
Tools (no batteries)
Gadgets (things with batteries)
I really like this idea since you can see what you've got at one glance. Unfortunately I don't have a dedicated place for all my stuff. It all has to fit in one bin. I would love to convince DH to let me take over the downstairs bathroom - the next level of addiction! :think:

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