On a brighter note ... TURKIES!!!!

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Oct 28, 2015
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North East Oregon, USA
Are bringing the little ones up to the yard.
They fly already. Ma will not bring them out of the bush until they can.




DH and I were just admiring the plethora of babies popping around our house this evening. Dozens of tiny quail, adorable little rabbits, tons of lizards, snakes making their way into the house... but no turkeys! I know we've got toads too because we can hear them every evening. Spring hatchings are late this year since it's been so cool until the last few weeks. Thanks for sharing your little turkeys!
We've yet to see poults or elk calves though moose calves, deer fawns, pronghorn fawns and tiny quail have all emerged. The poults can't be too far ahead -- or more likely (like you said) mama just hasn't paraded them yet in proudness. They are all so dandy to see!

Last week I was in Yellowstone and saw wolf pups and bear cubs. And last night in our yard, a single black bear. Wildlife abounds!
LOVE the photos - thanks for sharing!!

I've been with a wildlife rehab center for the past 6 years, and this year we have been absolutely inundated with babies much earlier than normal. In fact, our admits are up 26% already over this time last year, it's been nuts. Always so happy to see photos of babies being raised by their natural parents in the wild!