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Jan 3, 2008
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what is the difference between palm oil and palm kernel oil? Or can they be used interchangebly?
pk is a lathering oil, the same as coconut and babasu. contributes these charactoristics hard bar,fluffy lather, may produce quick trace.

palm is what i call a filler or base oil, the veggie version of lard, tallow, lends hardness to a bar. it's contributions are creates hard bar, stable lather, may produce quick trace.

properties chart: http;//www.naturesapprentice.com/oilchart.htm


I have been using higher percents of PKO and I have been getting great results... I am using it to slowly phase out Coconut oil...

Barb is correct... Palm oil and PKO are not interchangable.
we were playing with pko last weekend. one recipe with coco and ond with coco/pko. from looking at them in their room temp solid state, pko was hard as a rock! soaps are a week into curing and both pretty hard already, does the pko really up bar hardness over just plain coco?

I would like to phase out coconut because of the increase of of coconut allergies and because I myself find it a bit itchy in the winter. The only thing it had going for it as far as i am concerned is that I could purchase it locally at a fair price - but now the price has nearly doubled.

However - there is much controversy surrounding Palm and Palm Kernal oils because Palm plantations are adding to the demise of the rain forest. This may effect sales in some areas of the country.

Ahhhh! Palm and PKO ,The demise of Rain Forests? Where did you read this? :cry: :cry: :cry: Do you have a link?...maybe I don't want to see it...

Yes, I have slowly been using more PKO and less Coconut because CO just seems more drying and I have also been reading stuff about increased coconut oil allergies. And YES, with Coconut Oil nearly doubling, it really doesn't cost much more to just order equal halves of CO and PKO. Co is almost $5.00 for 31 ounces now!!

Plus I use a lot of Castor oil in my recipes, and PKO balances it out very nicely without shooting the cleansing numbers way up.
This is all very interesting... thanks for the info. I had no idea about any of this.

Lane, do you mean to say that instead of -- just an example -- using 30% coconut oil in your recipes now, that you use a combo of 15% PKO and 15% CO? Does it end up having the same, or better, qualities as the original 30% CO?

Trying to wrap my head around how to use the 2 together....

Thanks :)
spotts71 said:
how do you figure the percentages? when someone says 30% of ... what does that mean?

It means 30% of the total oils used in your recipe.

ie: If you use 1000 grams of oil then try to not excede 300 grams total of coconut, palm kernel or babassu in your recipe. :D

Palm Kernel oil has more (almost twice) conditioning qualities than coconut so I think that would be why it is a little gentler on the skin.