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A postal scale will work out fine. Or a cooking recipe scale. Your scale should read out in grams or in ounces and tenths.

To weigh your lye:

1. cover your scale with a piece of plastic wrap

2. put a small dish or measuring cup on the scale

3. push the button to turn on the scale or set tare weight

4. when the scale is zeroed start pouring lye from its container

5. use a slight rocking or rolling motion to keep a steady stream of lye flakes

6. pour slower when you near your target weight

7. if you overshoot just use a spoon to scoop some out and return it to the container

That's all. Remember to wear your gloves, respirator or face mask, and safety goggles.

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stepibarra said:
What type of olive oil should I get? the recipe I will be doing is only olive oil, although I was thinking of using that in addition to coconut oil from walmart. Ran through the soapcal. and it says to use 8oz of each. Can I do this at RTCP?

Also I am wanting to add some type of fragrance, should I or should I wait until I get the soapmaking part down first? What type of thermometer do you recommend? Ok I think that's it for now...LOL
You asked for it....LOL :lol:

Get any olive oil. Go for the most inexpensive choice. Usually that's the clearest choice too, if you prefer lighter colored soap. I kind of like the greenish cast EVOO gives. Each to their own.

I ran the numbers through SoapCalc and I get:

OO 8 oz
CO 8 oz
water 6.1 oz
lye 2.4 oz

hardness 47
cleansing 34
condition 47
bubbly 34
creamy 14

Looks okay to me. Run it yourself and see if you get the same numbers particularly for water and lye.

You could use just olive too. I'll add that in another post...

I screwed up the fragrance on my first batch, didn't add enough, would have been better off if I'd focused on the soapmaking.

Get an all steel construction roast thermometer like you use to jab a roast to see if it's done. A bigger dial is better than a smaller dial, easier to read. You're interested in covering 80-200 degrees F. If you have Bed Bath & Beyond get the OXO Good Grips instant read meat thermometer $9.99 and remember your 20% coupon if you have one. :)



Here's SoapCalc on pure Castile:

OO 16 oz
water 6.1 oz
lye 2.1 oz

hardness 15
cleansing 0
condition 83
bubbly 0
creamy 15

The numbers look worse than it is. Actually it's really nice soap. I just washed my hands in my pure EVOO soap. The superfatting gives a nice feel after washing.

I should add, until such time as I gain more experience I've been going with 5% superfatting. I always use SoapCalc's default lye concentration setting (water = 38% of oils, 25.3% lye solution) or I click "lye concentration - set" and select 30%. There isn't a lot of difference between the settings.


stepibarra said:
You asked for it....LOL :lol:
And finally.... :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

And finally, I advise you should go by Walmart and get the Hamilton Beach two speed stick blender at $19.95. :)

I haven't had any problem getting Castile to trace but I've heard reports of others stirring for an hour or more to get trace. I've had my SB from the get go and it helps a lot. Remember you use the SB in short bursts, maybe 30 seconds then put it down for a few minutes and stir with a spoon.

And ask before you start if you aren't sure about 'trace.' That's the #1 beginning CP question.

And really, I'm happy to help you. I'll be on and off the computer all day so post any additional questions and somebody will cover you. I'm sure everybody agrees with me, we want your first batch to be a really good experience! :)


Oh Stepi, one more thing. I suggest you skip the RT for the time being and do your first batch standard CP. Just make sure you have a steel pot for the soap. You can mix your lye in a Pyrex measuring cup if you like. That's what I use. Stir it with a plastic or steel spoon. Some people even use wooden spoons for their soaping but I recommend plastic or steel.

Remember the gloves, respirator or face mask, and splash goggles. You can get all of those in one stop at Home Depot or other hardware home improvement store.