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that is sooo cool, when I get a house Id love to have some sculptures like that in and around it ! :)

Its kind of a different rendition of a mermaid, only instead of a fish bottom she has a crustacean bottom :)
Too bad that poor, cute girl is getting eaten by the snail from Hell! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

and he already ate the best part... ;) ;) ;)
Isn't she a snail? I didn't have my glasses on and I thought...interesting snail... my husband pointed out it was a lady... :oops:

Looks great!
I love it!!!!!!! There is an outdoor art show here every July called the Lilyfest - you should google them, it is here in southeast Ohio. Oh, my they have scultpures all over their land, with may ponds and miles of pathways in the woods. The vendors set up in the woods it is almost Eden. k