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FSowers said:
That's actually a bar of soap screwed to the wall.

Er, yes... One might also say that the Hope Diamond is nothing more than a hunk of charcoal, or that a vintage recording of the Beatles is just a bunch of magnetized rust.

FSowers said:
Seems like it would be messy.

Can't be any worse than a loose bar on a soap dish, with the advantage of not slipping out of a child's hand or being available to create randomized havoc.
Nope, I'm Dutch.
They used to be on places were people (kids) could not mess with the soap. So we keept spinning them instead. :lol:

When we had a reunion at school 10 years later we noticed they were still there. (I do think they refilled the soap :wink: )
Golly, $40!!! That's insane...but I LOVE the retro concept.... Think about how much faster your CP would dry if you had a hole through the center...The refill sales would be great because it is so unique...

morsedillon- If you end up creating one, I'd love to see it.
I love it... it seems that schools these days only use liquid soap but the solid soap on a hook seems much better from an environmental standpoint (less packaging). The soap is secure and kids can't use it for a hockey puck. It might be hard convincing the schools that the soap on a hook is hygenic - but it's no worse than kids putting their hands all over liquid soap dispensers. Could be better - the entire soap is antibacterial as opposed to the plastic of the soap dispenser. I may need to try this and peddle it to my kids' school - I'll let you know if I give it a whirl!

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