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May 19, 2023
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Hi everyone,

I really enjoy reading multiple discussions by everyone, on the forum on issues and techniques used in making soap. As it's helpful to me so far, I hope to be of help in future to everyone.
I currently made heavy duty liquid hand soap (mechanic/other soap) and received excellent feedback on it (still working on improve it). I am starting small scale business due increase in demand. I don't have much experience in bar soap but I hope to do some experiments soon.

I am not always online, nevertheless, feel free to tag me in anything need soap chemistry or liquid soap making and will respond whenever I get in.

Best wishes


Mar 18, 2022
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Welcome! Have you seen Mechanics soap by @earlene? This is a copy of one of her posts. Don’t think Earlene is on the forum currently.
“Mechanic soap
earlene said:
My most recent recipe for Borax soap was:
33% Lye Concentration
7% SuperFat (because of the high CO content, I don't usually go that high)
40% Crisco, new w/palm
30% Coconut Oil, 76 deg
30% Lard, Pig Tallow Manteca
2.2 ounces Borax dissolved in boiling water (reserved from the lye water)
Colorants I used for the last batch: alkanet root, madder root, TD
I tried doing a ribbon pour, but poured too thin and it turned out looking like a Clyde Slide.
I was actually happy that it turned out pretty considering that it was really just designed to be a hand cleaning soap.

My first recipe (no animal fats) was:
SoapCalc default: 5% SuperFat and
27.601% Lye Concentration or Water as 38% of oil Weight
15.5 ounces Westcott Vegetable Shortening (I used the Crisco setting, but did not actually have any Crisco, so the final SF was probably off)
7.5 ounces Coconut Oil, 76 deg
1.2 ounces Borax dissolved in
2 ounces boiling water (reserved from lye water)
3.33 ounces NaOH
6.74 ounces distilled water (total called for was 8.74, but 2 were used to dissolve the Borax)
This was the first time I tried using vegetable shortening in soap. This soap was rather brittle. I probably should have cut it sooner than I did, but back then I did not cut my soaps as early as I do now. I often waited at least 2 or 3 days before unmolding and cutting the soap.


Mar 9, 2017
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