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Apr 17, 2024
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I am wondering if this will work out well. Any advice when making this too. I'm assume 4 to 6 week cure maybe. Thanks.


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Good job starting with a small, 1.5lb batch! This is not a terrible recipe, but I'd change a few things:

1. Unless you are planning to hot-process this soap, the amount of water is really high. For cold-process soap, instead of the default of 38% water as percent of oils, select Lye Concentration and set it to 33%. As you learn more about soapmaking, this will be a much easier setting in the long run.

2. Many folks would find a soap with 25% coconut oil to be rather harsh and drying to their skin. I'd reduce the CO to 20%, and then add 5% more cocoa butter, which will also contribute more longevity to your bar. Keep in mind that the "cleansing" number really refers to how much of the natural oil will be removed from your skin, so staying at the low end of the cleansing number (or even going below the recommended number) will make for a milder soap that will still clean you.

3. The tradeoff for lowering the CO is that your soap won't be as bubbly. To offset the lower bubbly number, dissolve 2T of sugar in your water, before you add the NaOH to it. Although your bubbly number will still appear low on the calculator, the sugar will act as a solvent, which will make the soap lather more freely.

Good luck, and show us some pictures when you get a chance. :)
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My CO is currently at 16%. Might try the sugar thing though and see if it helps. The thing about coconut oil is the cleansing number. That number can be really stripping for the oils on your skin. I'd also suggest a superfat. The lowest recommended for body/hand soap is 3% but I currently have mine set to 7%.

Don't be afraid to experiment and find what you like best. I know there are soapers that prefer higher amounts of coconut oil, for example.

Everything else Ali hit the nail on the head. I was just expanding on what she already said.