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Oct 21, 2010
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NW Wisconsin
3 sales in that little amount of time isn't bad at all if you're only selling in one place.

Here's a couple critiques, that I hope don't upset you.
Your pics are quite fuzzy. Now don't get me wrong, I'm awful at taking pics, but if you're only selling online, pictures are your customer's first impression of your product.

There are some spelling & grammatical errors in some of your listings and other areas. Do you have someone that can look over your listings and such to find them for you. Sometimes it's good to have a second pair of eyes to check over things that we miss.

I noticed in your soaps you don't have a complete list of ingredients listed. As someone who has allergies & shops for many people with allergies, if a shop doesn't have the complete list of ingredients for every product easily accessible, I move on to somewhere else.


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Feb 10, 2013
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No, that's great, i seem to be the worst at grammar i think :( but i'll get my sister to take a look, shes a lot better at that. Hopefully the ingredients will be updated this week as t the moment i'm just cataloging every thing so i know what i'm dealing with and the possibilities of allergies. but thank you for taking a look, at least i know which directions to start looking at :)

Some times it helps to point out so others can learn :)


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Sep 23, 2010
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I think maybe the packaging needs to have your business name on it and put a little bit more time into your packaging as that's what attracts people when they are buying for presents and as Genny said a list of ingredients on the back and listed on the site.


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Feb 22, 2013
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northern NY
I've been selling on etsy for about 3 years with 2 different shops and have learned that having 20-25 items in your shop at all times is helpful. Also, like Genny mentioned, work on your photos a bit. I'm not a natural photographer either, but it's something I continue to work on. Etsy has some blogs and articles with pointers on how to improve listing photos. Make sure you use all possible tags when listing your item so it's more likely to come up when someone does a search. Even with the 20-25 items in your shop, it's good to re-list an item every so many days because this enables your shop to come up more often in the search engine as well. Also get involved in some of the teams in the etsy community. There is a wide variety of teams to join but you could focus on some of the etsy marketing teams. I have had an increase in sales and general activity to my shop once I became more involved with some marketing teams. Take advantage of the coupon code options and if you have a facebook page for your shop, advertise the coupons there or in the shop announcement on your etsy page.

I hope this helps! I learned alot by searching through the etsy forums and teams so you'll get the hang of it in no time!


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May 27, 2008
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This is your listing:

Guest Sample Size - Handmade Ment n Pour Soaps - Windsorian Spa

Sample Hand Made Soaps.

These come in 4 different fragrances currently.

The following are currently available:

Mango Passion Fruit
Pure Lavender
Pine Peppermint
Almond Shea Butter

Same deal as before:

4 guest size soaps in different fragrances 4 x for £1.00

Allergy advice:

If you have an allergy or sensitivity to the following: Pine needles or Nuts, please mention this in the notes section when ordering and I will customize your order.

Width: 2cm
Height: 1cm
Weight: (Less than 1 gram according to my scales)

I don't know what the above means...

# Question: Can I buy this in a different quantity?
# Answer: Yes, please feel free to contact me about larger quantities

# Question: Do you do custom orders?
# Answer: If you would like different scents, shapes, colours then please free feel to contact me and I'll do my best.

#Question: Do you have a blog, I can keep up to date with the products in the making?
Answer: Yes -

I aim to respond to questions and queries within 24 hours.
To contact me, please use the "contact the shop owner" link below.

I would do several things:
Soap should be in the first or second word in your title listing so instead of: Guest Sample Size - Handmade Ment n Pour Soaps - Windsorian Spa

Say: Soap hand made Windorian Spa Melt and Pour

Also melt n pour looks unprofessional, imo.

4 guest size soaps, different fragrances and aromas to try: 4 x for £1.00

This sentence doesn't make sense to me. Can you state it in a different way?

if you should be allergic to the following: Pine Needles, or Nuts, Please mention this in the notes section when ordering and i will customize your order.

Should be:
If you are allergic to the following: Pine needles or nuts. Please mention this you the notes section when ordering and I will customize your order.

I fixed some stuff for you. I would take new photos and look at your tags, make sure you are using them to your advantage.

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