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Nov 14, 2007
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My name's Monica, I'm 16 years old (nearly 17).

I'm hoping to begin soap making, along with massage oils, bath salts, etc. Right now, melt and pour is looking good but who knows?

I'm looking to do this for fun, as well as for profit. I have a part-time job right now I may have to quit because I have several injuries right now I need to let heal without aggravating them (I shelve the books at the library).

Both my grandmother and my aunt are massage therapists. My grandmother either is or used to be a licensed reflexologist as well.

Umm...I think that's about it.

Nice to meet you all.

WOW so young....I think I remember what it was like to be 17. Oh yeah, nevermind....we won't talk about that :twisted:

Welcome to our forum! Hope we can help you with your hobby/addiction
I just made my first soap!

I bought a beginner's kit at Hobby Lobby today. I made one of those that has the little chunks of another color inside of it. It has little white glycerin squares inside (dyed light green) with clear glycerin (dyed dark green) around the little chunks making the whole of the soap. And it's scented with honey almond (which came with the kit and I LOOOOOVE it. Smells like Sweet Almond Oil, which we have lying around the house. Love the smell.)

I accidentally didn't make enough of the clear glycerin, so I made a little more, and it still wasn't quite enough, so the bottom is uneven and kind of funny looking. I'm gonna use this one myself (or inside the family) so it doesn't actually matter but how do you handle that?

Welcome to the SMF Monica! :) Sorry for greeting you a little late; my bad! We live just north of the Ark. Mo. state line in Springfield! Well, howdy my neighbor to the south! I am following my grandmothers example of making soap. It was amazing to watch when I was a kid! I'm shamelessly "hooked!"

Paul....:) :wink:
Welcome and I was I had gotten into soaping at 17. Enjoy it and I am sure you can have a bright future in this

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