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Aug 31, 2007
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HI everybody. This site is awesome. I have already had a bunch of great responses to my first post. Thanks. I just started making mp soap. I mean just started a week ago. I always wanted to try it so here i am. i decided to start with mp. my 10 year old daughter is excited as well. I think this is somethng we can enjoy together. i envy all of you who are able to create and sell your product. i am just interested in making it for my family and friends . we are looking forward to the holidays. the holiday molds are so cute. eventually would like to try cp soaps. any suggestions and/or tips would be appreciated. peace.
Welcome! For CP soaping, get a few books and learn about the safety of lye etc.. and start gathering your supplies (tools) to make CP..

We are here to help :wink:
thanks,everybody! dragonfly princess, where do u get your base? ibought the extra clear from bramble berry and i'm not sure if i like it.i was having such a hard time with it, i became frustrated ,ran out to ac moore and bought 10lbs of the clear they had on the shelf and it worked fine.
:D Hello, and welcome to the SMF! We are so glad you are a new member! Look forward to interchange of ideas with you! 8) Howdy, again.... :)

Paul.... :wink:
Isn't the base at brambleberry from Stepehnson out of Canada? If so it is my very favorite base to use. I order mine from wholesalesuppliesplus because I have an excellent business relationship with them & get most other things there as well, but truth be told, I believe Stephenson has a better base. It sets up firmer, has no odor, is very clear and pops more easily out of the mold.