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We to bring in the New Year. I am making soap..

So far I have made

6lbs of Cranberry.. which was cut up into 2ozs for sample packages

2lb log of Apple Jack & Peel (fo left over from Tony's)
Colored with Light Green

2lb log of Dead Sea Mud w/ Lavender EO superfatted with Avocado Oil

1lb of Cucumber Lemongrass superfatted with Monoi de Tahiti oil
(interesting how the scent will come out)
Colored light yellow

1lb Chamomile
No scent.. herb speckled with superfatted oil of Monoi de Tahiti

I am cleaning my area out.. the only way to do it.. is to MAKE SOAP! LOL

Will come back with more later
Holy Toledo, Batman! I thought I was having a big soaping day tomorrow and Wednesday, but what I'm doing is nothing compared to your Smelli! Rock on girl. I take it the 1 pound batch is in your TOG Mini Smelli Log Mold! :lol:


The Chamomile turned out to be

Castile Chamomile, not scented, herbs only.
Olive, Castor Oil with Herbs

Back into the kitchen to see what else I can make LOL
I've been a soaping fool too. I've made a 3 milk, carrot, manoi oil, honey & green tea soap; oatmeal milk & honey, 3 milk patchouli mint soap, and a 3 milk and sea salt bar scented with Blue Lagoon.
Yeah you been soaping alot too CP!

Im just enjoying myself before my vacation is over on the 2nd
I can't make much of anything. I am out of most of my stock supplies. I do have a ton of shea (ya'll know how I love to whip shea :roll: ) and a bunch of bath bomb ingredients (again, not my favorite thing to make).
Aww Tab I feel for you sweetie!

I took the whipped shea off the product line. I hate making it. It didnt sell that well for me to keep making it.. So its gone! YEA!

I have alot of FO's but they are my regular soap fragrances.. I wanted to make different stuff tonight..

I just made some embeds for my lemon soap for tomorrow..

I think I am going to make another clay soap
I do a test batch of a new recipe I've been writing tomorrow. It's a twist on my regular Salt Bar Recipe. It should be more conditioning, big enough bubbles to float a mouse out my front door! :lol: It will be a bit more scrubby too. I'm excited about this one, it should work, wish me luck. CP you said 3 milks, what are they? I've used goat milk, coconut milk and butter milk before in a batch. You girls are hard to catch. :)

Paul.. :wink:
I have some white kalolin clay sitting around. Just what will that do if I add some to soap? Does it give it a creamy feel? Will it cut the lather down at all? Will it change the color of the soap?
You can make a face bar with that. I have alot of clay....hmmmmmm

Lets make a face bar! ANOTHER ONE LOL!


I have some
Jojoba Oil
Hazlenut Oil
Avocado Oil
Emu Oil
Grapeseed Oil
Ricebran Oil
Macadamia Nut Oil

Maybe Unscented...

I have
Red Moroccan Clay
Bentonite Clay
Fullers Earth Powder

Lets See... Hmmmmm

Kaolim is good for Oily Skin. You can make a mild face soap with that.
Thank you Smelli.

I am only making 8 oz. of soap tonight. Trying Luffa soap in a frosting container.

You sure go to town when it comes to soaping.
I have not used clays yet in my soaps, but doesn't kaolin clay give the "slip" in shaving soap? I think I've read that several times. Have any of you guys made shaving soap? I'm thinking of making it and selling a branded mug with natural boar shaving brush as a set at my other Etsy shop.

I make shaving soaps in cups with brushes. I use bentonite clay in mine. I've used kaolin in my shaving soaps once when I was out of bentonite. I think I liked the slip feel better with the bentonite than I did with the kaolin.

My 3 milk soaps have buttermilk, coconut milk and goats milk. I use to make them with soy milk instead of coconut milk but I prefer the feel of my soaps with the coconut milk. And the soy tends to give me problems and can be a bit fickle with me. At least that is what I' determined my problem was. lol When using coconut milk, just make sure to either use reconstituted powder and if using liquid, make sure it does not contain guar. I hope that is right, its too early in the am.

I do not find that the use of 3 milks cuts the lather at all in my soaps. I am aware of the possibility and adjust for it. I only superfat at 4% when using milks to adjust for their extra fat. I always use a combo of pko, coconut and babassu in all my recipes. I get great lather that is fluffy yet creamy feeling. My recipe took me about a year to perfect.

I will try to post a picture of my 3 milk OMH soap later. I made it with goats milk, coconut milk, butter milk, honey and ground oats. No color. It is a creamy white - I did not allow gel at all. I love the look of an ungelled soap. I tend to stay very natural looking with my soaps so to some, they might be boring.

I'll also see if I can get a picture of my 3 milk soap I make using honey, ground oats and pureed carrots. I used green tea and white tea for my liquid was the liquid for my lye water. I also put the tea from the bag in the lye water. At trace I add manoi oil. This is a great selling soap for me. I I was going to put DSM in this batch but forgot to add it. Don't you hate it when you forget to add something? I'm unmolding this one today. It should be a bit darker that the OMH since I used tea. Hopefully I was able to avoid gel on this one too.

I got the idea for this soap a few years ago from a friend of mine that owns a fresh juice bar. She always has lots of veggie and fruit pulps. It got me to thinking. Great for soaping!
!!HAPPY NEW YEAR !!to you CP and everyone else of course. I ashamed to admit that I haven't had the soap pot out since before Christmas :oops: . I am clearing my space, like smelli, and needing to stock up on a some more things. I'm just waiting for some orders to come in and I'll be on my way! I actually prefer to do this while the kids are in school.
Wow CP, I may have to get brave and try that. I dont have patients for Milk.. mine always seem to turn orange, and burned smell.. I never could get the hang of milk soaping..

But, I got some heavy whipping cream, and some plain yogurt in there..

I may try it today.
Go for it Shannan! If I can make milk soaps, anyone can! :) Wait until you do a milk salt bar! I think I may have made 1 regular water for liquids batch in my soap career. :oops: I just put to bed my "salt bar experiment" batch in my TOG 12/24 mold! Talking about acceleration!!! I tried a 32% solution today, a big mistake. Never take a discount while doing a salt bar!! I learned that really well this morning. :roll:
LMAO! I was doing 40% lye concentrate last night..

Hmmm Peppermint does not like the 40%
Apple Jack and Peel doesnt either LOL

I will try it. I want to get some Aloe too..

I wonder if I can pick that up at a grocery store.. hey Paul you use Aloe juice dont you? Where do you get it..

Im going to Super Walmart today. It will be my first time.
I told Target to kiss my ass! Thats a different story.. told them I will never do business with them until they change their stupid return policy
Soapmaker Man said:
Go for it Shannan! If I can make milk soaps, anyone can! :) Wait until you do a milk salt bar! I think I may have made 1 regular water for liquids batch in my soap career. :oops: I just put to bed my "salt bar experiment" batch in my TOG 12/24 mold! Talking about acceleration!!! I tried a 32% solution today, a big mistake. Never take a discount while doing a salt bar!! I learned that really well this morning. :roll:

I do a 36% solution with no problems. I do this whether I have milk in there or not. I love how varied our experiences can be. Further support the importance of testing and experimenting to get to know your soaping conditions.

I unmolded my soap with 3 milks, honey, manoi, pureed carrots and oats. It looks like it got a little too hot & split a bit on the top. and maybe a bit of gel on the top for about 1/4 in. I did not put this one in the fridge. I left it out with only some saran wrap and the wood lid on the top.

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