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Sep 25, 2007
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Hello everyone,

I am very new to in, I just made my first batch of melt and pour soaps last night. Now I'm hooked. :eek:

How do I use two different colors in the same mold?

And how difficult is the cold process method? Should I take a class?
If you want to layer it, pour one color to 1/2 fill the mold & allow it to harden, mist heavily w/ rubbing alcohol & pour the second color on top. The alcohol will bind the 2 layers together. Don't worry, it evaporates. W/o the alcohol the layers will pop apart when you remove the bar from the mold.

To do 2 colors side by side get 2 cups ready, each w/ soap colorant & fragrance, allow both cups to partaily thicken, pour one color on the right w/ your rt hand & the other color on the left w/ your left hand & hope for the best :lol: .