New use for Lye.

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I saw this too. Don't know why, but it creeped me out. I know they are dead, but still......... :shock: k
I heard of a guy once on some crime show on TV that did something like that...he killed his wife or gf or someone and then put her in the bathtub with sulfuric acid (which I guess now can be interchanged with lye)...all the bodyparts except bone dissolve (and I think the bone does too if left long enough)...pretty crazy...I dont know how they caught the guy..

this is kind of weird though, I remember somewhere hearing theyre trying to ban burials because well...we are running out of room to store the dead, need more room for the living etc...theyre trying to make creamation or similar!... Ive always had the conviction that I want to be buried (in scientific terms...instead of incineration which destroys all your cells and puts the 'energy' of your body into the atmoshpere...the cells can decompose and then the cells can be broken down by bacteria and used for energy which are the lowest on the food chain..) I want to be buried and then have a cedar tree or an oak tree or banyan or something that grows hundreds of years planted over me...I dont need a casket. (or if I had to use one Id get one of those biodegradable wicker ones they make now) .)..this way my cellular energy gets used for more life instead of wasted into the atmosphere :)

I would haunt the *&^% out of anyone who decided to cut that tree down though..Ill tell you that much lol...

thats my take on things :D

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