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Oct 8, 2007
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My name is Becky. Together with my mom, Trish we run a small B&B business from our farms in Maine. We have been in business for about 1.5 years but we have been making CP GM soap for a few now.

We sell on our website, Etsy and at local farmer's markets.

We started a few years ago buying an all natural GM base to rebatch from a farmer in PA. When we finally took the plunge and made our own CP soap we were so nervous! Our first 12 lb batch came out great but it was by luck. The second was a disaster and left us very scarred that our business would always be about buying someone else's base and rebatching it to make it our own. But a year later of making our own CP GM soap every weekend, we have what we think is a wonderful recipe with very few loss batches. *Knock on wood* :roll:

To this day we still rebatch now our own unscented soap. This is how we learned so we continue this way. It's a great way to offer our customers just about any scent they want when they want it.

Last week was our first time making a CP Olive Oil soap. We are very excited about this!

I am so happy to have found this wonderful forum and all of the talented and experienced people here. This is a constant learning experience for us and it is just wonderful to have a place to go when we have a question.

Thank you, all!