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Cindy bohnet

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Sep 17, 2022
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Red Deer, Canada
Thank you everyone for your trusted experience. I have just made my first four batches of olive oil soap with most all the same ingredients. My first batch was hard and difficult to cut. I added mica as a colourant, liquid red dye, kaolin powder, and fragrance oil. The second batch turned out better with tiny bumps.. i made it with fragrance oil and kaolin powder the third batch was perfect in texture with slight colour difference around the edges. It was made with some kaolin powder and fragrance oil. The fourth made with kaolin powder and fragrance oil when I cut it it had a rice like texture ...I have not been using a thermometer... I also believe my trace was at varying points to be honest..
I've really enjoyed making soap thus far. I have made two batches today and will make two more batches tonight with a couple exceptions ... I will use a thermometer ensure the liquids are at the proper degrees as well, I will use a different blending stick so trace doesn't happen too quickly.
I have so much to learn...

Hi Everyone, I am new to soap making. I have just bought a little company from a lady and am beginning to make soap on my own. I have made four small batches and as you can see have had different experiences. I have a lot to learn ... I guess I am a little excited to get started...
thank you for sharing your posts...