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DucknBear Gracie

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Feb 4, 2021
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Devon, UK
I've never made candles before (other than a cute little candle kit I had when I was younger which I adored) and I'm trying to research as I have a soap client who would like candles to match his soaps - the scent is lemon, cedar wood and ginger, I can't find any ginger FO, if anyone has any UK sellers for that please please please let me know, else I'm thinking of using ginger EO (I use EOs for my soap - if it would work/mix okay with FO - still researching but other than EOs not being so strong/stable in candles I haven't seen anywhere it says it wouldn't work, my ginger EO smells pretty strong so hopefully that helps as well)

1. He has a pot he's had made for them (they're like a grey white clay with glaze, they're made specifically to have candles in so I'm sure they're candle safe) - but they're an odd shape - like a plant pot almost, the bottom is a lot smaller than the top, and I'm confused on wick size and also the safety (I'm talking ~30mm bottom and ~80mm round the top, pretty big difference) - is there a way to make this work? - did wonder if maybe making a 30mm pillar candle to stand in the pot might work, however I'm not sure how it would look!

2. Also would really like a pure (white) beeswax candle, but I've read so far that it can be a pain, I think I can convince him against it though, I'm currently looking at nature wax c3 as an alternative as its vegan and cruelty free - any reviews on that/suggestions for wax/ ways to make beeswax work maybe?

I'm half writing this just to get thoughts out my brain (there's nothing better!) and also just because you lovely humans always have wise words that makes things make more sense - I feel like I'm at the point of reading stuff where its stopped going in, think some more direct advice might give me a refresh and get me back on track! If anyone also has any tried and trusted sources for learning about basic candle stuff, please send it over as well as I'm really stuck on what to read, everything i've read so far has been pretty general and I'm not sure where to go for more specific reads (other than here) I am determined to learn and make the best candle I can for him, as well as maybe learning a new hobby for myself!

I feel like if I could sus out soap (although still learning!) then hopefully I can figure out candles, I do love a good candle!


Mar 9, 2017
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SE Denver CO
A good place to start would be to Google a "vendor in the UK that sells candle making supplies". They really have the best info and easy kits for you just getting started.

Q: Is candle making profitable UK?

A: Low start up costs – It is easy to start up a candle making business because it does not cost too much money. You can start with a small work area and a few basic supplies. Good profit margins – Candle making has great profit margins – You can sell your candles online, at farmers markets or through local gift stores.


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Jun 13, 2008
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Stuck in my head
It is easy to start up a candle making business because it does not cost too much money.
umm?? I have to disagree with this. IF you don't care how your candle burns, then sure it doesn't cost much money, however, with all of the testing involved with making a safe, effective candle that burns well, it does end up costing quite a bit, because it's not just a one and done situation. There is so much involved with making candles, that start up costs before you sell your first candle (if done properly) can be in the hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Not testing properly and have candles that either don't burn properly, don't scent properly or are hazardous is what gives handmade chandlers a bad reputation and why insurance for making candles is so hard to get.

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