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Aug 16, 2014
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Near Charlotte NC
Howdy everyone,

I love looking at other soapers' crafting rooms, and thought I'd share mine. It is such a luxury to have a spot for everything where I can close the door, blast my music and make goodies all afternoon!

My table... I got an adjustable height one and have it cranked up to a little above kitchen counter-top level. Excuse the picture on the floor, I keep meaning to hang it up... I keep my scrap-booking and wrapping supplies in the black Ikea storage unit and am using the top for curing until DH constructs something more elaborate.


View out that window overlooks an old train track that's thankfully not in use anymore (fingers crossed it stays that way).


My closet is a decent sized walk in. My old rolling unit fits perfectly all the stuff I don't use all that often.

Main Storage Unit - it's a modular system from Ikea. This holds most of my soaping and B&B supplies along with my microwave and mini-fridge. I'm thinking of painting it to a turquoise color next year.

Storage Unit Opened up. It's kinda messy right now since I just made a bunch of soap.
Christmas Tree Cupcakes - AHRE Country Christmas. It's really potent and maybe a little too candle-ish for soap.

Peppermint Cupcakes - WSP Peppermint Stick. Incredibly eye wateringly potent. I haven't cleaned these up yet so excuse the ash. It was my first time trying molded soap. I made a cane and then sliced to get the peppermints on top. That was a lot of fun even though they came out wonky.

Sugar Cookie - MO Sugar Cookie Crunch. I'm not in love with the FO or going overboard on the embeds, but I like to tops okay.

Snowflakes - AHRE Snowflake Sparkle. I made the white ones first, but my daughter thought they needed some blue on them.

Just Mints - WSP Fresh Mint. The FO is fine. It's just mint...

Orange Clove. Mix of Clove EO and AHRE Satsuma. It smells exactly like you would expect.

Pumpkin with Pumpkin Puree. BB Pumpkin Souffle. I'm not in love the scent at all. It's light at 1oz ppo, and just kinda boring. Maybe I'm just tired of everything pumpkin though...
It look so nice in there. I want a soaping room too. My son moved out so I have my soaps and stuff in there to cure and was thinking of making it a soaping room, but I don't have a business, just a hobby, so not sure if it is worth it.
But it looks lovely. I love the Ikea modular system and your soaps are beautiful.
Every single one of your soaps are so beautiful! I love your idea of making a candy cane and slicing it for mints. Was it rimmed?

Kudos on your new craft room. I guess the move from Colorado has worked out well -- very happy for you.
Every single one of your soaps are so beautiful! I love your idea of making a candy cane and slicing it for mints. Was it rimmed?

Kudos on your new craft room. I guess the move from Colorado has worked out well -- very happy for you.


Yes, I did a middle snake of white and then alternated white and red smaller snakes around it.
Snappy, your space is to die for! Not literally, of course, but it's a great space.

I love the orange clove soaps and your Christmas tree cupcake soaps. Kudos on your molded peppermints, too.

Glad you are happy in your new home. I like your daughter's suggestion of the added blue to the snowflakes. The two side-by-side make a nice contrast. And she's right, there 's always a little blue in snow.
Whoa, color me super impressed with both the soaps and the new workspace! The cupcake piping/tops are extraordinary and the other soaps are so beautifully festive. Thanks for sharing!
snappy, your new space is so awesome. You will have many happy hours in there. The soaps are all pretty awesome too. I am in love with that Clove Orange one especially.

Ditto what dibbles said! Your soaping space is so nice and organized (totally unlike mine). I also NEED that orange clove soap in my life, it's gorgeous!
Oh Snappy, what a gorgeous space! I love the table in front of the double window. And everything else. It has obviously sparked your creativity, because your soaps are beautiful. Wishing you many happy years of soapmaking there! :grin:
wow - very impressive indeed. all of it, your new room, the view, soaps, scrapbooking, and yes - the picture. It all looks quite lovely and a dream come true.
Hi Snappy, loved your new space AND your beautiful soaps. I might also get my own dedicated soaping area, in about six months when our new construction house would be ready. yay, finally we will own our first and hopefully the only home. haven't been soaping lately but totally planning for it once I move.

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