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Dec 7, 2007
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I just started making soap. I took a class and we all made a batch of oatmeal honey soap. It came out great. I came home and a couple of weeks later, I made 3 batches of soap, but I changed the recipe slightly to include 7% beeswax. The process all seemed fine. Actually it went better that I expected. The only problem is the soaps are all dark colored and they have a funny food/cooking smell to them. I made a honey coconut milk, a honey almond, and a honey Lavender White tea. They all have this very distinct smell to them. I used these old wooden boxes that I had there were perfect size for molds. I Lined them with parchment paper and all the soaps came out fine after 24 hours. I am just wondering if I used too much beeswax. I cooled all the ingredients to about the same temperature, so not 100% what is happening. For all I know, they could all be fine. I have cut slivers of them and tested them and they are certainly soaps, they are all just dark and have this odd smell about them. Also if anyone has a good CP Beeswax recipe to share, please let me know.
Yes I did. It was the same recipe that we used in the class, but I substituted 7% of the hard oils for the beeswax.
I think you may have to high a % of beeswax. Don't quote me on that though. The only other thing I can suggest is maybe your oils/fats have gone a little rancid. Perhaps you could post your recipe and see if anyone else picks up something. That's all I've come up with so far.
I'm going with too much beeswax as well- the smell might go away after curing for awhile.. the color probably comes from the beeswaz- so it's a little natural looking- nothing wrong with that. I bet with that beeswax it's shaping up to be one hard bar of soap! :)