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Oct 15, 2007
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I joined yesterday, made a post, but I don't think it was successful.
Hello to everybody! I am almost ready to make my 1st batch of soap.
I have decided on the melt&pour method. I am reading everything I can on the subject so that I am comfortable with the process. Eventually, depending on how goes it, I may sell to test the market waters out there. I don't see soapmakers at our fairs, etc., and can't figure out why?
ANY IDEAS? Is there a market for homemade, healthy soaps?
Any comments are appreciated. :D
Hi there!

There is a market for everything. The trick is finding it.
Welcome! 8) Like Tab says, how you present, market, and promote your wares makes all the difference in the world. Listen to Tab, she is a great M&P soapier! Very interesting soaps and B&B products that visually are appealing! People buy with their eyes first, nose second in this business. You can take a bar of soap, not present it properly and you won't sell it for $3.00. Take that same bar, wrap it well, making it look great, present it to your customers in a positive way, and you might sell that same bar for double the money! Presentation is key, especially if there are a lot of soap makers in your area, and especially if you start selling on the Internet! There are thousands of soap makers selling on the net! Find a unique niche, and make it work for you.

Paul.... :wink: