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Mar 25, 2008
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Good morning all!

I am so excited to find so many informative boards and forums. I am new to the realm of soapmaking.

I run a small specialty boutique in the DC area and once worked with a soapmaker to provide soaps and other body products to my clients. When I could no longer get in touch with the vendor, I decided to take a stab at making soap, bath and body products myself.

Im sure I will have tons of questions!

All the best,
Welcome to our forum! Hope we can help ya! I am new to CP soap myself! I have only 3 batches under my belt, but I also do MP and other B&B products!!
welcome! welcome!
i couldn't help but think of New Kids on the Block with your post title or NKTOB...who i heard a rumor are thinking of getting back together... :lol:

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