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Feb 2, 2008
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Diana From Tony's has listed new fragrances. For those of you that love the Old Mill Fragrances here are the new ones. :D Judy

Baton Rouge
Bacci de Miele (this is a more 'refined' honey)
Green Tea
Lapis Lazuli
Mata Hari
Peach & Lotus Blossom
Turkish Delight
Christmas Cabin -- don't let this one fool you, it's very masculine. Rename this one for a great year around scent. This one to me smells like Grey Flannel
Wild Fig and Cassis
Sandalwood Rose
Black Vanilla
Frosted Pink Cupcake
Vervaine Olive Blossom
Oh goodie!! I just love OM fragrances. Of the ones you listed, I have used (I'll post what I remember about them):

Bacci de Miele - I love honey scents and this one is just wonderful. Used in cp soap, oils and lye around 90-100. It discolors a bit but is otherwise well behaved.

Green Tea - by far the best green tea out there. This one is not a perfumey scent.

Lapis Lazuli - cp soap. scent held well but I could not give this one away.

Sandalwood Rose - very sexy scent. not your typical rose. Much more sultry.

Goddess - discolors to a darker tan. scent holds well, does not morph.

Frosted Pink Cupcake - this actually smells like pink frosting.
I have soaped the Goddess and the Pink Cupcake. You are right the pink cupcake smells just like pink frosting. The goddess is wonderful. It is a hard scent to describe through. Its like a really nice perfume. The scent is long lasting. It did discolor to a tan. I am going to try the Sandalwood Rose next. I love Sandalwood but I don't like strong florals. This one smells so good with just a touch of the rose so I think I will really like this one. I am a fo junkie I think. :)