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Nov 13, 2007
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East Berlin, PA
Hi Folks!
I've been posting for a little while and never really introduced myself....

My name is Tara. I'm a massage therapist (and work for my parents in between appointments doing billing/bookkeeping for their auto garage/running errands/ etc). I have a BS in microbiology, but my last job job was as a chemist in a water testing lab. We worked mostly with sewer water so lets just say I USED a lot of soap! But that is fortunately behind me so i can do what i love...i do massage, reflexology, craniosacral, toe readings, energywork, and dabbling in aromatherapy.

I noticed that sometimes i post as "we" even though I am the only one fiance Tim is a landscape architect and he still has to go to the office, so i am in charge of soap R & D!

We love making our own stuff as much as possible and "livin' the good life" aka learning to homestead....gardening, composting, making our own soymilk, yogurt (still perfecting), cottage cheese (once we perfect yogurt), soap (yippee!!!!!)....and some day raising babies and alpacas and alpaca babies.

We're getting married June 21 here at our home...yes, soap will be the favors! :D

Tara & Tim
That sounds really nice. Hopefully I will be in a similar situation soon where I can leave my boring IT job.
You sound like a woman after my own heart...homesteading, making your own things & all. Wish I could get my hubby to feel the same! Could get a LOT more done around here :wink: (He's still a good guy, I just need to fine-tune the fine art of persuasion...)
Welcome from Alabama!
Bubbles (Linda)

P.S. Are you sharing that yogurt recipe?
like my soap recipe, i am still perfecting the yogurt. had some good batches and then a not so good one so that has been back burnered for a while. i do have a fabulous soy milk recipe if you've got a soymilk maker!

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