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Sep 26, 2007
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I had questions about turning a soap recipe into a cucumber soap.
Somebody suggested adding cucumber at a trace; I've never made soap before, so what does this terminology infer?

I would also like to turn this into a mango and orange scented
soap. I would like to replace the carrot juice with mango puree. For the orange scent, I would add some orange essential oil or some orange
extract and some grated orange zest. How would alter the proportions? Would this work? I was thinking of using half carrot juice, and half mango puree. Since the original recipe calls for 4 ounces carrot juice total,
I would use 2 ounces mango puree and 2 ounces carrot juice. Would this work?

One last question. For a pineapple coconut soap, I plan to use coconut milk and pineapple juice in place of the carrot juice (2 ounces each). However, I've heard you're supposed to cut back on the amount of liquid being used. Should I just use the coconut milk in place of the water called for? Somebody also made the suggestion that I should be careful when I add the coconut milk, or it could cause the soap to burn. At which point in the recipe should I add the coconut milk?

Here's the original recipe:

10 ounces Palm Oil
4 ounces Coconut Oil
2 ounces Olive Oil
2 ounces lye
4 fluid ounces water
4 fluid ounces carrot juice

1. Pour lye into the water (never pour water into lye) - Set aside to cool
2. Melt oils together -set aside to cool
3. When oils are approximately 110 degrees Fahrenheit and lye water is approximately 100 degrees Fahrenheit, gently pour lye into oils (never pour oils into lye)
4. Add juice to mixture, stirring constantly
5. Mix until soap traces
6. Pour into prepared molds
7. Cover with plastic wrap
8. Allow to stand covered and out of drafts for 48 hours
9. Remove form molds and cut as desired
10. Allow to age in open air for 2-3 weeks before using

First, for your recipe, with the carrot juice. Use that as half of your fluid. These are the numbers I got from MMS lye calculator

4-6ozs of fluid (so you can do 3 ozs of water, and 3ozs of carrot juice)
Lye 2.3ozs

For your cucumber, I grinded it up and added it at thin trace. alont with the extract.

I use coconut milk, but if your not use to working with it, you may burn it and mess up the soap. Add some grated coconut strips.

The mango one, Im not sure I have never added mango puree.. thats a new one on me, but you can do the same at trace as the one with the cucumber. Although you may want to cut back on your water intake on the cucumber one, because cucumber has a nice amount of fluid.