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Jul 2, 2022
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New Zealand
So, this post is on behalf of another group, although I guess if I really get into soap making it might be relevant to me in the future.

After tell my mum (shes the chairperson of a social support non-profit) about my new potential hobby, it inspired her and she wants to do simple workshops at the community house, but also she sees it as a potential funding resource, make their own stuff and sell it to help supplement their grants, that place is solely run off grants and donations so its always tough getting through the year on a limited budget.

However to be legal, also to be transparent and responsible, they will have to label the products and have an ingredients list. In NZ I read the ingredients list has to be listed with the highest concentration ingredient first and descending to the lowest. So I see all places where you buy the ingredients from here, list the ingredients for their bases and all that but not in the % amounts, which is legal but it means if the non-profit add things into the products they have no way of being able to tell where on the list they would put the new ingredients.

New Zealand soap makers, how do you do labeling? How to you keep it legal?