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Feb 10, 2007
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I prefer to have my hair a few shades darker than my natural color but i hate damaging my hair with store bought hair dyes. Are there any natural methods of hair coloring? I've heard of people using henna. Has anyone used that before?
I tried to use the henna before. It was like coating my hair with cow manure. 5 minutes into it i decided that it was way too messy and there was no way i was going to leave that stuff on my head for a full hour. I washed it off and went to the store to buy regular hair dye.
You might want to just go to a salon that uses less harmful products like Aveda. They are made from mostly natural ingredients and would be better on your hair than the store bought stuff.
There are other things you can do to color your hair. If you are going for brunette, wash your hair with a rinse of coffee or black tea. Pour the rinse through your hair 15 times, re-rinsing with the same liquid. On the final rinse, wring hair, and leave for 15 minutes before rinsing with clear water. To go blonde mix a tbls of lemon juice in a gallon of water and use the same rinse process. Make a strong tea of rosehips or cloves to go red.

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