Natural green colorants experiment

Discussion in 'The Photo Gallery' started by szaza, Jun 2, 2019.

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    So first up, an update on the soaps made june 1st (colorants added at trace, 100% CO 20% sf recipe)
    These are how they looked right after unmolding
    IMG_20190602_114927.jpg IMG_20190602_114903.jpg
    And this is how they look now:
    IMG_20191009_153733.jpg IMG_20191009_153722.jpg
    Furthest left is moringa, furthest right is wheatgrass.
    In front left to right is spirulina, pandan, matcha.

    Next are the soaps I made on the 7th of June. (Pandan as split lye, moringa with lye water, matcha hot infusion in oils)
    This was right after unmolding

    This was today
    Left to right: pandan, moringa, matcha (back=ungelled, front=gelled)

    (Edited to correct which soaps were gelled/ungelled)

    This is soap made with a cold infusion of matcha (without the matcha powder) ungelled. Made early september. Picture taken today (1 month later)
    IMG_20191009_154105.jpg IMG_20191009_154051.jpg

    This is the result of frozen pandan added at trace, made last thursday (october 3rd) it seems to slowly get darker.. (it was lighter right after unmolding)

    I also did a failed experiment. I had infused some colorants in alcohol and surprisingly indigo infusion turned red and with spirulina none of the blueish component seemed to get into the infusion. So I hoped if I used the indigo and spirulina after infusion, the indigo would give a slightly different shade of blue and the spirulina would give a blueer green, but alas, they were just lighter versions of the same color (a girl can dream)
    IMG_20191009_155359.jpg IMG_20191009_155325.jpg
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