Natural food colorants from veggies and fruits in soap?

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Jul 3, 2014
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Hello again :)

Since where I live there is no way I'll find any soap colorants, I was thinking what if I use natural food colors?
I will make them myself, for example concentrated blackberry paste, carrot juice, spinach juice..They will be concentrated into paste-like consistency, but some will be in liquid form, like the color blue after alkalizing the red cabbage juice.
Do you guys think it will work? Or will it affect the batch and ruin everything? I don't want to use store-bought food colorants because I want all natural soap.
Has any of you had any experience with colors from fruits and veggies?

Thanks a lot!
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Carrot might give you slight orange colour I think, pumpkin as well.
Berries turn yucky brown in soaps. Spinach and other greens, I'm not really sure, but I think they do stay green, but fade significantly after curing.
Spices like paprika and turmeric are used for soap colouring. They can be used as a powder but they might leave specs, you can infuse oils with them though and get even colour that way. Coffee can give you brown colour.
If you want natural colours, have you considered clays? You can get beautiful earthy colours with clays. Can you shop online for those?
Some work beautifully, others not so much. If you scroll ALL the way down to the very BOTTOM of this page, you will find links to similar threads that may help you.