Natural colorants in HP series: Manjistha

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Sep 15, 2018
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Most of you will know this as madder root :)

I've not made a post for this series in a while and I figured I should now because... Well, several things.

1. I need to take organized notes, and actually remember to look at em lol. This is actually a tweak of this soap recipe. Thankfully too I tweaked the colors. I liked it but it was too meaty. Haha.

In that post I said I used madder - I did not only - I used red sandalwood too hence the meat color lol. Now in this post, I said I used red sandalwood when I actually used madder root instead. I also apparently used more then than last night

I can't say which of the days was I tipsy.....

2. In the above second link, I had used the madder/manjistha I had in 2 ways - first was the infused superfat with the powder, second was soaking some actual pound roots in the lye solution - and this time I did not use roots in the lye water. I think that's why this batch is a slightly paler pink

Again.. Not sure I wasn't entirely sober in one of those days.......

3. I haven't posted something long and winding in a while and thought I should subject you guys to one of em haha... And yeah, this series needed more

On to the soap

I need to test this colorant further. I have a feeling if I added the powder straight to the bather CP style I'll end up with beige soap like what happened with the red sandalwood one (click here for pics and a laugh lol)

I'm finding that for most of these natural colorants, adding into lye water or infusing them first is the way to go.

Take note that the material I've used in these posts are "unrefined" I'll call em and not sold for soap in particular but for food or herbal medicine, in Pakistan. They are coarser, unsifted powders with bits of wood in some even. I don't know (yet) if the ones made specifically for soap will produce different results.

As usual, if anyone has info on using madder root, or Indian madder, or manjistha, feel free to add on to this thread.