National Soapmaking Day (US) - last Sunday in September

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Apr 30, 2016
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Western Illinois, USA
Apparently this was started by a Soapmaker named Kerri Mixon as a proclamation in 2020. She runs Soapmaking Studio in Lemon Grove, CA. I have never heard of this, so thought I'd share plus there was some interest in the past in something that she teaches, so I will look for previous posts about that & if appropriate provide a link (if the folks are still here at SMF.)

So, I thought I'd share with all you wonderful soaping people. I wonder which other nations have a National Soapmaking Day.

Apparently she has run a workshop at the larger HSCG conference in 2013 (I saw reference to that workshop by a youtuber) & does at least one Podcast on HSCG Radio and is the auther of 3 Soapmaking books. She is featured on the HSCG site on the Benefactor Members page.