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Dec 16, 2013
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Plymouth, Devon, UK
A rival European Soapmaker tried and failed to make me look bad on my Facebook business page yesterday. She asked lots of questions about whether I had safety certificates and if my soaps contained SLS followed by aggressive '???!!!!!' Sadly for her I had an answer to everything and was simply polite to her. She was pretending to be a regular customer though and even asked me for my safety assessment which has my exact recipe in it. I politely declined as I am only legally obliged to show it to a regulatory official. No way was I giving another soaper a recipe that I worked really hard on! I went to look at her page and she clearly has no safety assessments herself, she has a ton of products which all look pretty awful. It's so sad that people feel the need to try and belittle others rather than concentrate on making their own business the best it can be (I would like to think I am the latter). It really upset me and made me sad. I felt like retaliating and doing the same to her page, but it's not worth it. It could cause a war between us that could damage my business significantly. I thought I'd just come here and rant about it instead. Sorry guys and thanks for putting up with my rant.
This is happening everywhere. People will try to take each other down if they feel they are not doing great compared to the other person instead of finding ways to better themselves. I find it immoral and degrading. Maybe it's her business strategy but still it is not appropriate to step on others. Good that you don't follow her step. You have my respect. I do believe everything that we did either they are small or big, there will be consequences. You do bad, you get bad, you do good, you get good. Simple.
I'm so sorry to hear about that Saponista. Some people can be such takers and turds. I'm glad you didn't stoop to her level and retaliate, though. That will shine very favorably upon you to everyone reading the exchange on your page, and you can hold your head high and sleep peacefully at night knowing you kept your cool and have no ill-spoken words to regret. :thumbup:

IrishLass :)
People who are insecure in their own products, or lack confidence in its ability to stand on its own merits, tend to be the type who will try to denigrate their competition rather than making sure their product is good enough to measure up.

Don't let their pettiness and lack of ethics get ya down lady. :)
Yep TEG, no respectable cosmetic safety assessor is going to approve those! That was what I considered doing too, but I'm not prepared to start a war. Her rubbish products will speak for themselves and slowly kill her business. Hopefully before she damages someone with her appalling unpreserved products.

Thank you for the support everyone, It has made me feel a lot better.
So very sorry that happened to you. Just hold your head up high and you'll out do her with dignity and grace. I was at a market where someone was telling customers that my soaps were bad because I used FO's and Colorants. I'm pretty sure I outsold her that day. Every time customers would walk by with my bag/products she'd glare at me.

I would just carry on as you have been and be proud.
I think you answered her questions beautifully and wth dignity. If I was a prospective customer reading your replies, I would have a great deal of respect for your answers and know that you have followed all the European regulations. I would really see it as a positive and it would make me keener to buy. If she was trying to make your business look bad, she failed miserably.

I love your soaps by the way. Beautifully packaged and a great logo.
Thanks Rowan and shunt.

I'm glad you like my logo rowan, my husband's best friend's wife is a freelance designer and she knows me inside out which meant she could design me a logo that reflects my personality and was just what I wanted (for a drastically reduced fee!)
You took the high road, even though it may be the harder road in the end it is the best route. She is insecure and feels the need to bring someone down with her. I am glad you didn't let her.
The worst thing you can do to her is to not even notice her nastiness, and return only kindness. It makes her look like a turd when shes doing all the blathering and your dignity is unruffled.

Plus its a compliment to you and your soaps that she feels so intimidated that she feels she has to to yap like a chihuahua :D

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