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dragonfly princess

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Jun 4, 2007
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Ok I need some help, the hubby says I need more stuff! I don't want to look like a total goober doing my first show. So can you veterans help me out with my table?
Hey, it look good. You have the coordination thing going on :D .

My only real suggestion is to elevate a couple of things. Right now everything is flat. You can place a milk crate or a mason block on the table & cover that with fabric to creat height & then set something like a basket on top of that. If it were me I would elevate 1 spot on the left & 1 spot on the right.

People see more comfortably in triangles. An elevation on the left would be the peak of a triangle for that side of the table & repeat on the right.

Does that make sense?
I agree with Tab, elevation is always good.. and maybe add a few more jars to make it look more full. I like the colors its nice!

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