My Stick Blender's Burning Out

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How far into the batch are you? Have you mixed the oil & lye yet and reached a decent trace? If so don't worry at all. You can just put the lid on your crockpot and let it sit overnight then zap test in the morning. I think this would work even if you used all water to dilute the lye instead of a glycerin/water mix.

You can prob still make it work even if you haven't blended the oil/lye to trace yet. If you have a stainless or silicone whisk, you might be able to use this as an alternative to the stick blender if you have patience and enough arm muscles ;)

When I make liquid soap, I use equal amounts water & KOH then add 2x the water amount in glycerin. I add this mixture to the oils melted in a crockpot and stickblend to trace then switch to a silicone whisk. Usually it goes pretty quickly from whisk-able to stiff vaseline that needs to be stirred with a heavy duty spoon. At that point I turn off the crock pot and let it sit overnight to finish saponifying.
I couldn't handle the SB so I wound up leaving it and did some internet stuff. I waltzed back around 8:30pm, saw that the soap was very thick, tried to SB again for a minute or two before I went to get a spatula. I had the soap in my crockpot so it finally got to partial paste (or paste can't tell yet) around 8:45pm. I started this around 7:45pm so I'm glad I got a nice break in between. Anyway, I have this bad boy in the closet, where it will be undisturbed until noon tomorrow.

I did not use any glycerine but with my soapy luck, i probably would have been done much sooner. :p

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