My Revenge Soap Backfired


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Sep 29, 2015
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I was angry and decided to make a nice soap using SOS' Milk Chocolate & Coconut scent in Extreme. It smelled decent enough OOB and I decided to use the whole thing (in part to see how it acted). It's bad enough I soaped hot (lye was 207F and oils was 119F) which was ok since this soap has a lot of OO plus some pomace but WOW. I was not expecting the scent to change so dramatically so quickly. It's unrecognizable, insanely sweet (and I mean medicinally sweet for you children Tylenol "lovers" out there) and it made my soap move pretty much quicker than if I had left it unscented.

Well, at least I can rate this scent after a few months cure but so far, I'm not recommending this at all, ugh.

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