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Jun 18, 2013
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Idaho, USA
One of my other hobbies if you can call it that is plants, particularly flowering ones. Here are a few from this year.

Fuchsias, the white one is nearly big as my hand

snap dragons, i can't take credit for these as I just bought them.

mini roses

red thyme with my bearded dragon
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My real passion though is african violets. I lost nearly my whole collection a few years back and am just now starting to rebuild it. Luckily they are easy to propagate from leaves and the wonderful members of a violet forum are helping me out.

Optical Illusion

Emerald City

A mix of stuff, the plastic trays in back are my african violet leaves, I will get a few babies from each leaf.

some baby AV's and a cactus. The one's in the very back in the big container I started from seeds
I love gardening. Hoping to start again after the move. For now, just holding on to my jasmine and the Rosemary that I had indoors for the winter. Love your flowers Obsidian, lovely colors, beautiful collection.
Will you come to my house and landscape the yard with xerics and succulents please please oh please?!?!
Will you come to my house and landscape the yard with xerics and succulents please please oh please?!?!

That would be bad, very very bad. I can grow them but I have no talent for landscaping. I stuff plants in willy nilly and hope for the best lol.

I'm getting better with my plants. The real trick is to grow easy varieties, anything too picky and I will kill it.
I love your fuscias and African violets. I almost joined a fuscia club in the UK but didn't have enough time with kids, work and the important soap making. Fuscia's are surprisingly hardy. One lady had them growing in the stones on her beach front property. They survived the cold, storms and sea water! your flowers are beautiful!
Lovely plants! I am really partial to cactus and succulents. Yours are looking great and healthy.
I love gardeing but can't keep a lot due to the cat who will eat anything green. I have rose next to front door and some succulents at the back. He's not an outside cat, but from time to time he'll accidentally bolt outside and chew on first green thing he finds. We have a pot of cat grass which he eats (but it soon ends up on the carpet lol).
I have few fruit trees and will always have some sort of season veg. We currently grow cauliflower, broccoli, onions...
And in summer I always try to plant few sunflowers, my all time favourite.
I love fuchsia but have consistently killed them. This is the first year I've been able to keep them healthy but I did manage to loose one earlier when it was still cold.

I don't have room for a garden but I did clear a small spot for tomatoes, I have 11 tomatoe plants, 6 various hot peppers, strawberries for the first time (they aren't doing so good). I also have blue berry plants, a goji berry plant, sweet and sour cherries, asian pear tree, apples, blackberry and a josta berry.

I'd have more fruit/berries but I'm pretty much out of room. I am really thinking about trying a almond tree, they are beautiful when they bloom and one of my favorite nuts.
Strawberries are hopeless, at least for me, never had luck with them.
I grow trees in big pots because of space. They stay small but still give fruit. I have 1m tall fig tree that gave me around 2-3kg of lovely dark figs, perfect for jam.
I also have 3 worm farms and a compost heap. I could talk about gardening all day haha.
It's a very rewarding hobby.
how lucky you are Obsidian, not to have allergies on pollen. I can have them only in my garden and I am pretty obsessed with flowers too :))
Yours are beautiful ;)
Those are all gorgeous... I'm so envious of folks with green thumbs. When I buy plants, I try to get ones that look suicidal since I'm going to end up killing them anyway. It's a good thing that only annuals make it up here, I can *mostly* keep them alive for the summer.
The plants are gorgeous but I will take the Beardy. I used to have a breeding pair of peacock geckos, a pair of Blue Panther Chams that hated each other :-( no never had success with them breeding. A pair of Jacksons and the little witch female killed her partner, before I could get them separated, and he was a sweetie. Then there was the hateful Veiled Chameleon, they are not nice chameleons. Bearded dragons and 2 full grown iguanas. LOL, can you tell I like lizards...
I have a lemon tree in pot, it currently has one lemon and more blossoms on the way. There is also a mini pomegranate, it blooms but never has had fruit. I think its on the way to being a bonsai.

I have a thing for lizards too. I've had leos, cresties, blue tongue skinks, various snakes, uros, electric blue geckos and at one time, I breed tarantulas and had over 100. Beardies are my favorite though. I still have one corn snake and three tarantulas.