My new garden baby


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Jun 8, 2020
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You're probably right @Catscankim about mine needing a bit of gets plenty light and air but no sun. In fact....I've just gone and moved it out into my fernery... 😄 🤞. I measured it while I had it unravelled too...nearly 5 feet so hopefully halfway to flowering !!
I'm not an expert LOL. But I have a green thumb.

My "regular" orchids are thriving in my east-facing porch and kitchen window, whereas many other plants scorch (speaking of my Boston Fern). So it gets lots of hot morning and early afternoon sun, but gets a break after 2pm when it starts to get a little shade.

I also bought a pallet of baby succulents ... it was 25 of them for $20. I don't know what to do with 25 little succulent plants, but I couldn't resist LOL. Well, now 24 because I already gave one away. Guess I will make a little succulent garden somewhere in my yard.

Ppl love coming to my house...they always leave with some sort of plant baby and maybe a bar of soap.

My new obsession is spider plants. I have a fairly small one that just keeps making babies. I now have 4 from the momma plant which (shhh) I nabbed a pinky nail sized baby from a mom plant at the nursery LOL.

And I am now the proud new momma of two coconut palms that my coworker's dad had from his mature coconut palm. They are small, but they grow fast. Not sure what I am doing with them atm. Plus the orange tree that I bought a few weeks ago, and the lime tree that I planted a few years ago Lots of limes on it!!...If my neighbor stops stealing them lol. I really REALLY want a mango tree, but oddly enough they are nowhere to be found right now. I had one growing in the yard from seed...had it all marked and everything, but alas the lawn cutters weed-wacked it down (it was really small). It tried to grow back, but they got it again.

Someone gave me banana trees when I first moved in. If you live in florida, resist the urge to get a banana tree. They piss me off. My entire water bill is from watering the suckers (suckers with an F), and they don't look nice. Contemplating cutting them down. I have yet to get a banana from them. Just messy.

Now I have a vanilla orchid...guess in a few years I will be having a party featuring home-grown fruit cocktails LOL.