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Nov 19, 2013
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  • Make a cup of tea
  • Fire up the computer and get my book of recipes
  • Open up soapcalc and SMF
  • after 30 minutes of looking around the forum, go to Soapcalc again
  • Make another tea
  • Enter some oils and then go off thinking about trying out some new scent combination
  • After another hour, print off the recipe
  • Carry all the ingredients up from the cellar
  • realise that the moulds are still downstairs, so make another cup of tea...............
  • after a few hours, finally start to mix the oils and prep the lye!
A lot of my process involves pulling out FOs, thinking about what color they smell like,

Glad Im not the only one that does this. I swear DH gets sick of e sticking a bottle of FO under his nose and asking what colour it smells like. hahahaha.

But yes my process is usually about the same. Procrastinate for 3 hours and then before I realise its time for bed. hahaha
Thus far inspiration is gained from some post on this forum. Then I will spend the next week investing way to many hours bouncing between this forum, SoapCalc and my note book, finally printing off a recipe Friday evening.

Saturday evening will be spent dragging out out the box of supplies and lining the mold.

Sunday, up early for a little reading then off to soap. Nice fresh cup of coffee, or 3, and quiet soaping before the rest of the house get's up. spend the next 24 hours eagerly awaiting the great reveal and cutting!
I am so glad I am not the only one! Last week I made a piechart how I soap, and posted it today `cause I felt comfortable enough to do it since I wasn`t the only one taking my sweet time doing things, lol.

I always think others are so much more straight forward - super planned and do things quickly than I manage to do it. I always seem to change my mind a hundred times before deciding about fragrance etc, too. The recipe I have ready, but the other "fun" stuff - colors, fragrance etc, that changes with the wind and how I feel that minute...
By evening of the day I plan for soaping hubby will ask"how many batches are done?" Answer " I am getting there!" That is after telling him I am saving x day to soap all day... :) Usually a planned soaping day has a backlog of soap batches I need to get made so I wonder to bed around 1am or so
Sounds about right for my process too! Monday, I was planning on making a batch but managed to only wash the previous soap dishes (from a week ago) and wash my molds.
Oh yes! This is me! :D

I have lists upon lists filed on my computer also, current plans, plans for such-and-such market, plans for Christmas even! ... I spend more time there than actually soaping. But at least I'm well planned ;)
Sounds about right, TEG, except I do that in the evening instead of morning. And I don't drink tea but a frosty beer. I've come up with some interesting ideas over a cold one (or three) but in the morning I usually wonder what the h*ll I was thinking! plan.....