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My mom is a very "opinionated" person. She always has something to say.... it would be nice if it was something positive ya know.

I been getting a logo made as some of you know and I decided that I wouldnt ask her what she thought about it, so I been talking to just my aunte who I communicate very well with.

I tried to call auntie but no answer, meanwhile my mom called me. She says "Hey Shan, whatcha doin.." something told me not to say anything but I did.. "I am getting my logo made and I was looking for auntie to get her advice"...
She says " Can I see it?" Something still told me not to let her see it.. but I did anyway..

I sent it to her, and she basically ripped it in shreds...

"Why this, Why that.. that doesnt look right, how come she this, how come she that.. "

Im not saying exactly what she said because some of it was racist.. my picture was multicultural..

I hung up on her.. she called back and we argued...

I always wondered why my mother is so negative.. and takes it out on me.
I ended up in tears.. I started second guessing my logo.
I trashed it.. and had the lady start over..

I cant stand my mother.. is that so bad of me?
Moms can really be a big pain sometimes... While I get along quite well with my mom, she's also very opinionated and would try to put her thoughts etc. on me and argues if I don't agree.. :roll:

I agree with Irena, do what YOU like and think looks good! :wink:
WOW you and I have similar situations. If you like what you are doing, and you think it looks great, DO IT!! Don't let your mom rule you! I know it is nice to have someone like that in your corner but she is going to make you crazy! Do what feels good and right!

We are all here for you! We are in your corner!
I saw your logo in the other section and I LOVE it!!! As long as you are happy with it, don't worry about what your mom says.
Thank you, but I have a new one... I love to death.. and no one is going to change my mind about it

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