My First CP!!!!!

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Feb 4, 2008
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OMG!!! I just put my first CP under blankets!

Everything went sooooooooooo smoothly. Well, until I got to the point where I needed to add grape seed extract. It was pretty stiff, so I put it in the nuker. Sheeeeeeeez!!!! I opened the door & it was smokin'!!!! I measured out the rest of what I had which was short a few oz, so I subbed Palm Oil - hope that works.

I recognized trace, added my own EO/FO blend & when it reached full trace, poured it into the mold. I had about a minute to play with the surface - made some peaks, & it was beginning to set.

It's a buttery yellow. Wonder what it will finally look like... I think I made SOAP!!! :shock:
this is the week of firsts! just did mine last night!

do you feel the same tangible excitement??

looks wonderful, cant wait to see it cut!

Isn't it a great feeling? Looks great. please post pics when you cut it! Cograts!

that looks soooo nice...i almost want to eat it (reminds me of a big block of butterscotch fudge...mmmmmm)

:) glad to see we both actually made SOAP and not something else that would melt our skin off or something :lol:

so glad it worked out for both of us!!

congrats!! did you try it yet in the shower???
Congradulations to the both of you soap making virgins! You bring tears of joy to the eyes of this old CP soapier!:)


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