My First Batch of Cream Soap (Based on Lindy's Cream Soap Tutorial)

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Mar 13, 2021
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Okay... I did my first batch of cream soap yesterday, 9-25-21. It's totally based on the recipe and tutorial that Lindy posted in the sub-forum many years ago, based on the now long since out of print MAKING CREAM SOAP by Catherine Failor.

I followed everything to the "T", only exception is adding 5% Sorbitol of total oil weight. My goal is to make an alternative cream shaving soap to sell.

I did not add any extra water as Lindy during the 2nd day blending process. The soap was semi-hard and I used a hand mixer with those small type dough hooks with the spiral shape. As soon as I started breaking up the soap with the mixer it liquified and became the consistency of... marshmallow cream!

I believe this is on the right track, perhaps @ResolvableOwl could provide valuable input / feedback.



Yes those are small bubbles which happened to get incorporated into the soap during the mixing process prior to taking the photos.

I encourage any comments, feedback, constructive criticisms, shares of winning lottery tickets, etc. ;) 👽

Meanwhile, back to cruising around the Oort Cloud searching for the ICE QUEEN! 🤠
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