My Daughter is really Sick

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Below is the treatment my daughter has to have to have a chance of making it through all this. Over the weekend she had 8 bags of Platelets and her count only went up 300 points. We were so excited that she was approved for the program until her husband presented the paperwork to the B***ch human resource girl to fill out for income. My daughter called and begged her to use this year's income which was way down and qualified her for mid-level entry costs. Oh no, the gal used last year which was an exceptionally good year, and will not be the same even next year due to the mine merger and changes. It disqualified my daughter completely if they did not take into consideration that much of the income was bonuses. As a side note, this human resource hit on my son-in-law last month and her shut her down. She even had the nerve to tell my daughter there were no such programs when she had the paperwork in her hand.

As of this morning, the foundation working with my daughter to knock down the income I sent over the additional 4k, and as far as we know she will be accepted into the program. 🙏🙏🙏 According to her doctor, this is really her only chance to make it through this. Her blood just cannot fight the Sepsis. So I think all our prayers are working. Thankyou everyone

Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIg) Treatment - Gamma Globulin

Sending positive thoughts and prayers for your daughter's recovery and financial relief for you. This is just another example of the medical care needs we have in this country. Still have a long way to go for everyone to be able to get good medical care without potential bankruptcy or having to give up other necessities like food, in order to afford medical care/medicines.
Sadly, things are still not going well. She had extensive surgery last Friday and was supposed to get Plasma bone grafting to help with her upper jaw. That did not happen due to too much damage so he had to put in a prosthesis in order to get her sinus attached back in place. The surgeon ended up having to clean out the infection again on both sides in the upper sinus area after doing this, I think it was last month. He would not let her return home, she is in Reno, until a new cat scan this morning. Well, the infection spread again and he had to go back into another area and clean out. This was after prescribing $1700 worth of meds to be taken over the weekend. This d**n Sepsis will not stop. 😭😭 Needless to say, I am getting really scared. Yes, medical will bankrupt people in our country.

On top of that, I am running out of money to help and cannot get the house I am selling closed because of this lousy state I live in. No one will cover it with fire insurance so the new buyers cannot get their loan. Someone just is not answering my prayers. I need to SELL/ Close Escrow that D**N house.
I am sorry I know you are all tired of hearing about my issues this year but I guess I just need to vent somewhere. Sadly all my friends who would have let me vent have passed.

I need lots of prayers again. My daughter is really sick again or maybe I should say still. Her platelets will not stay up and she is scheduled for sinus and jaw bone grafting next week. She had this surgery on the other side and now she has to have it done again. She woke up a week and a half ago and four top teeth fell out, and her sinuses fell out of place. The Sepsis she has been fighting for a few months now is back again and another round of transfusions has not brought up her platelets enough.

This long vent was started yesterday morning as of last night one prayer was answered, although we do not know if it will work her doctor was able to get her approved for an IVIG, Intravenous Immunoglobulin Therapy program, which are unbelievably expensive infusions that her insurance will only pay a couple thousands towards. He was able to get her in the program for just under 9k. This IV costs upwards of 40k, and it is known to help rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren's syndrome, along with other autoimmune disorders. Right now the concern is to get her platelet count up and stable so her body can fight the Sepsis. Her doctor was able to get her qualified for the program with her additional autoimmune diseases so when and hopefully the sepsis clears she will be able to stay in the program. She is possibly going to have her first infusion next Tuesday. At least I finally have some hope of getting her well and possibly slowing this Rheumatoid. Sadly it was not soon enough to save us from tremendous dental work, but that is secondary to life. After all this, her Dad finally realizes she is not well, in all these years he has never believed it and just accused her of being a hypochondriac, sad it has taken this for him to finally wake up.

Well, that is my continued saga, oh yes and the house is still not on the foundation, 2 pieces sitting on the road, and 1 on my lot. It is so big they cannot maneuver it on my foundation, our contractor just did some more grading to make room to maneuver. Hopefully next week and hopefully next week Mom's house will close escrow. Praying for that too, since I need the money to proceed. We need the money for our well which is the last piece of our puzzle and we have it tentatively scheduled for the 1st of December or we cannot get it in until Spring. The Well company is shutting down for 2 months but he said he will try to get us in. We have to get up there to start helping our daughter to appointments, right now she has to rely on a friend who is older than us to drive her since her husband works such long hrs and sleeps as soon as he gets home. Poor guy work and sleep is his life, trying to catch up. Mining life is hard.

So sorry to here this I will definitely keep your family in our prayers!🙏, you daughter & your family are going through a lot...I can't even imagine that level of emotional stress & pain.

I also am completely lost for words....all I can say is Bless You, Bless Your Daughter, Bless your, protection, healing & compassion of the highest magnitude to you all ♥️

🌻 ❤️ 👼 ❤️ 👼 ❤️ ☀️ ❤️ 👼 ❤️ 👼 ❤️ 🌻
@cmzaha, praying for you and your family!!🙏. You mentioned fire insurance and no one wanting to cover. It seems that this is new norm (I'm in California too). My mom just sold her house and the buyer couldn't get fire insurance. The only option is the California Fair Plan which unfortunately takes about 30 days to get on because they are so backlogged (because all the insurance companies don't want to insure for fire anymore!). You're probably aware of this but wanted to mention it just in case.
@cmzaha...sending prayers for your daughter's healing and your strength as you care for her.
May our Lord bless you and provide all that you need!
Thank you so much everyone. Please keep the prayers coming. Her surgeon in Reno insisted she go to the hospital so they admitted her this evening. Of course only after I could send more money. 4 bags of platelets did nothing today. He said they would have to have her on round the clock very strong antibotics by iv for 2 to 3 days to try to clear up this Sepsis. Hopefully it works and her insurance picks up the bulk of the cost.

@MichaelP I am very aware of CAFair Ins since I was under it for at least 15 years for my Whittier hillside home. Problem CF does not have to accept you so it is kinda of a mis-nomer in my opinion. We found a local company that will bind it so we can close escrow but then the new owners will have to have an inspection, which should not be a problem. I need this house to close since I am spending the last of my new house money on medical bills. Not going to make my house setter happy.

One almost happy my house is almost on the foundation now. My Son in law said it is not lined up well at the moment. But we are getting there. Sorry for the really long post.
My daughter just told me they just got her hooked up ti IV. 🙏🤞


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First time popping on to the forum for a while. My mom had a stroke earlier in the year and passed last month. I can't even imaging what you're going through. Your daughter is one very brave fighter to have been dealing with this for so long. Sending positive thoughts to you all that this time next year, you'll be able to chat and laugh around a tasty Christmas dinner in your new gorgeous house. 💕 🤗 💐
Here is the newest update. They ran a MRI last night and the D**n sepsis is back in her sinus but higher than it was. She is telling me she cannot go through another surgery and is just tired of her broken body. I am getting really frightened. I cannot go in to see her so have not gone up there and this sitting home waiting is brutal. I am so Scared...

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