My Creamy Cocoa/Shea GLS Tutorial


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Jan 9, 2020
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New Jersey
Hi Shirley! I only have 2 LS tutorials...the one in this very thread (see posts 1 - 8) is my Creamy Cocoa Shea GLS tutorial, and the other one (my Crystal Clear GLS) is located in the first link that DeeAnna just provided above in post #197 (see posts 8 and 9 in the linked thread).

IrishLass :)
Thank you. I just read through the Creamy Cocoa one and the rest of this thread. The liquid looks creamy and soft. I'd love to try it. I've never made a liquid. I'm still in the beginning stages of CP. But finding something I can use right away will satisfy my impatient need to wait. I'm going to find the Crystal Clear GLS now. Thank you again.

@ShirleyHailstock , the first post in this thread has a recipe from @IrishLass. I didn't read the whole thread to see if there was a followup recipe, but that should get you started. :)

ETA: The recipe is spread across several posts. With lots of pictures.
Got it. Thanks for helping. I read every word. I’m too much of a novice to tackle that right now. I made some lotion bars for Valentines Day and I love them. I feel like my skin is moisturized all the time without being greasy.
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