MP + Mica + Glycerin = Glop...?

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Sep 28, 2017
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Will edit this for notes if/when things work properly *just in case* anyone else is having this issue in the future (doubt anyone is as stupid as me, but then again...?). Not directed at anyone other than those of us who can not do the most basic of things (like tie shoes, walk & chew gum, calculate the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow, apparently follow my own dang notes, etc)

The WSP suggestions seem out of whack for me because pouring a second layer at 51-54 degrees will most certainly melt your base layer. (I just did 48 and had to be very careful pouring of the back of a spatula - still a bit too liquidy for a good sworl, though)
The sworl looks delicious from the outside of the mold, we shall see tomorrow.
I am partial because this is the 4th batch in as many days, but this is a ginger & lemon EO in the clear honey base with half "boom box" blue mica and the other half with TiO2. I lurves this blue mica in a clear base - so shimmery and sworly like a melted T-1000.

please work please work please work

Now off to make beard balm!

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